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Principal Features. MULTIMET ® alloy (UNS R30155, W73155) is recommended for us in applications involving high stress at temperatures up to 1500°F, and moderate stress up


MULTIMET alloy -

202197 · MULTIMET® alloy can be machined, forged and cold-formed by conventional methods. The alloy can be welded by various arc and resistance-welding


Multimet N155 (AMS 5532 / AMS 5769) - Aircraft MaterialsAlloy N-155 (MULTIMET) - High Temp Metals•

Multimet® Technical Data Sheets

Mechanical Property Data Haynes Multimet® alloy, 12.7-50.8 mm hot-rolled bar, 1185°C heat treatment, water quenched, Haynes Multimet® alloy, 25.4-50.8 mm forged bar,


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