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Potentiodynamic anodic polarization plot of Ti

The passivation layer on the Ti 94 Ag 3 Pd 3 surface was stable from 0 to +780 mV, displaying current densities of less than ~40 nA/cm 2 , close to values shown in well-known Ti-based alloys [33 ...


A Nickel-Palladium-Gold Integrated-Circuit Lead Finish

2023323 · (SOP), with lead pitch of 1.27 mm. TI package designator for the test component is NS. The components were plated with NiPdAu with the Ni and Pd being

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Nickel – Palladium – Titanium - ResearchGate

Ni-Ni3Ti-Pd3Ti-Pd. To search for suitable alloys as filler material for joining Ti alloys, [1994Koe] ... The Ni-Pd alloy with composition 3:2 (mass ratio) is characterized by a